Graphic Design Foundations StudioSummer Course

Graphic Design Foundations Studio, Summer Course
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Major Discipline(s)
Design, Graphic Design, Studio Art
Location: Copenhagen
Architecture & Design Session

This course presents you with in-depth knowledge of, and professional skills within, the field of graphic design. The course develops your graphic sensibilities through analysis of existing examples of real-life visual identity, branding, and communication along with project-based studio assignments. You work with physical and digital media, and are challenged to use these media in each of your projects throughout the summer session. Studios are taught vertically, combining students of different levels. Expectations relate to you as an individual student.

One-on-one studio time with my faculty, combined with the various field studies we had, including the studio of Helle Vibeke Jensen, Hebi Inu, and Kinfolk magazine, served as great sources of inspiration not only for my own project, but also as I think about future career paths and internships. On top of solidifying my interest in graphic design, I’ll leave this summer with a second home and deep familiarity with the city of Copenhagen.

-Ilana, University of Pittsburgh, Student Summer Writer


Liv Elinor Weile Klostergaard

DIS Summer Faculty

Bachelor Degree, Visual Communication, School of Visual Communication, Kolding (2012-2015). Brand designer and Illustrator. Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication (School of Visual Communication, 2015) Designer and Art Director at Hello Monday (2015-2020). Self-employed designer since 2020. Guest lecturer at School of Visual Communication and Krabbesholm Folk High School teaching Character Design and Creativity. Professional experience also includes: Public Speaking and Workshop Facilitation. With DIS since 2023.