Fine Print

Signing up for this plan is binding unless you cancel your registration before the final sign up deadline. There will be no refunds unless you cancel your DIS registration before this date.

DIS students are responsible for all extra charges incurred while using this service. You are expected to monitor your usage, pay attention to all alerts received via SMS and email (which may be in Danish/Swedish), and top up your account as needed.

The phone provider may disconnect services at any time when you have a negative balance, but restore service to your account immediately after the charges are settled in the web tool provided. It is required that you settle all charges and keep your accounts in good standing. DIS will forward the phone provider a list of students’ full names and email addresses. The phone company will provide DIS with students’ cell phone numbers. All customer service issues should be addressed directly to the phone provider, as the DIS office of Housing and Student Affairs can only provide limited support.

Additional Information