Climate Change and GlaciersSummer Course

Summer study tour to Iceland, Climate Change and Glacier Modeling, DIS Copenhagen
Summer Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Environmental Science, Geology, Geography
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

Glaciers and ice sheets play an important role in the climate system: Their bright surfaces reflect sunlight back to space thus keeping the temperature down, and when they melt or grow, it directly affects the global sea-level. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the past, present and future behavior of glaciers when addressing the topic of climate change. This course provides you with a basic understanding of glaciers and their role in the climate system. You will learn how glaciers interact with their immediate surroundings and how large ice bodies can act as an archive of past climate change. We will use data from the study tour region as case studies in the classroom as well as on the study tour.

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Environmental Studies