Recent DIS Faculty Accomplishments

DIS faculty are influential in their professions and often recognized for their work. Read more to see what a few faculty have recently accomplished.

DIS is proud to have faculty that teach what they do. Alongside teaching at DIS, most faculty have careers that allow them to conduct research, manage companies, work on projects, and meet with clients.

Faculty member and brain researcher Troels W. Kjær, MD and Ph.D. has recently written a new book published by Politikens Forlag, titled ‘Klæbehjerne: Bliv bedre til at huske’ (which translates to, ‘Retentive Memory: Get better at remembering’). In ‘Klæbehjerne,’ Troels – in collaboration with journalist Anne-Mette Futtrup – examines how the brain can grow bigger and stronger through training. The book provides methods on how to learn to remember better, as well as three training programs to introduce lifestyle changes to benefit memory.

>> Read about Troel’s course: Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach

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>> Learn more about Faculty Troels W. Kjær’s book, ‘Klæbehjerne’

Faculty member Martin Rasmussen contributed to a new book: ‘Kreml i krig: Ruslands brug af militær magt’ (which translates to ‘Krelin in war: Russia’s use of military power’), published by Djøf Forlag. In this book, Danish Russian and military researchers investigate the question: What has Russia’s role been in the wars and conflicts of the post-Soviet era, and how can Russian behavior be explained? The book uses an interdisciplinary approach and its analysis draws on theories of Russian strategic culture, new war, and hybrid warfare.

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>> Shadow Wars: Fake News and Hybrid Warfare
>> Partners and Rivals: EU-U.S. Relations
>> Enemy Within: Spies and Espionage in the Cold War
>> Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European Perspective

>> Learn more about ‘Kreml i krig

Faculty member Charlotte Diamant was interviewed on the Danish TV program, ‘Mød dit urmenneske – forældre og børn’ (which translates to ‘Meet your primal human – parents and kids’). The show is about the relationship between parent and child, and why this relationship is essential for humanity’s survival.

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>> See Charlotte on TV

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