Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European PerspectiveSemester Course

Terrorism & Security
Week-Long Study Tour
Belfast-Dublin or London-Oslo
Core Course Week Study Tour
Denmark or Northern Germany
Major Discipline(s)
International Relations, Political Science
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

Terrorism and counter-terrorism have been on everyone’s mind since 9/11. However, terrorism didn’t just appear out of the blue on that horrifying September day. This course is a study of terrorism – its causes, aims, and forms – and of counter-terrorism measures introduced by the international community and individual states. The course examines the implications of terrorism for international politics in the 21st century. In order to be able to better understand the concept and phenomenon of terrorism and the attempts to fight it, we look at some of the many terrorist attacks and attempts to deal with terrorism from a European perspective.

It is both relevant and important to study terrorism from a European perspective, because (unfortunately) several European countries have a very long history of dealing with terrorism (e.g. Northern Ireland (IRA), Spain (ETA), Italy (Red Brigades), Germany (Red Army Faction), Russia (The People’s Will and The Black Widows). This perspective will allow us to better understand why terrorism occurs, how terrorists organize and operate, and what some of the consequences are of reacting in different ways to terrorism.

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Martin Cleemann Rasmussen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

MA (Russian and History, University of Copenhagen 2004, graduated on Civil-Military relations in Russia, 1993-99). Associate professor at the Royal Danish Officer Academy (2011- ), Senior Advisor NordGEN at the Nordic Council of Ministers 2005-2009 on Russia and the CIS, Associate Professor Nordic Council of Ministers Petrazavodsk State University 1998, Exchange Student, Odessa (Ukraine), and St. Petersburg (1996-1997). Various positions as translator and leads many visits to Russia as well as several battlefield tours. Analyst on Russian matters in Danish news media. With DIS since 2015.

European Politics, Martin Cleemann Rasmussen

Campbell Munro

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

LLM in International Human Rights Law from Lund University, 2012. Campbell previously practiced as a barrister in London, specialising in refugee and immigration law. He is currently completing a PhD in international law at the University of Copenhagen. With DIS since 2018.