Mission and Values

The DIS Mission Statement

By inspiring each student’s curiosity and love of learning, DIS fosters academic achievement, intercultural understanding, and development of life skills essential for engaged citizenship.

The DIS Values Statement

DIS employees strive to be:

  • One inclusive team and passionate about the DIS mission
  • Committed to each other’s development and well-being
  • Ambitious and set high standards
  • Fun, friendly, and professional
  • Open to change and new ideas
  • Ready to make difficult decisions and take responsibility
  • Collaborative and trust each other

The DIS Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

DIS is committed to building an inclusive learning environment in a Scandinavian context. We believe that diversity in all aspects of the educational environment is necessary for students to reach their full potential and develop life skills essential for engaged citizenship.

Find full information about the DIS Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion here

Who are We?

DIS is a non-profit educational foundation governed by an external Board of Directors working closely with our Executive Director based in Copenhagen. Our staff are based on-site in Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as at our North American Office in Minneapolis. See our full staff list here.

DIS Faculty are based in Copenhagen and Stockholm. They teach what they do, drawing from their expertise in their field and love of teaching – learn more about our faculty training and development here, and see our full faculty list.