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Fellowship for DIS Alumni in Global Masters programs at Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute-DIS Fellowship is a co-funded, merit-based fellowship covering tuition fees for two semesters to any of Karolinska Institute’s ten Global Master’s Programs. The fellowship is available annually to DIS alumni who studied in either Stockholm or Copenhagen.

The Karolinska Institute is one of the world’s foremost medical universities and Sweden’s largest center of medical academic research. It has consistently ranked in the top 50 universities globally, and within the top 10 medical universities in Europe. KI awards the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine every year, which provides the Institute with an invaluable network and unique survey of medical research results worldwide.

KI offers unique opportunities for students looking to pursue graduate studies at a world-renowned institution for a drastically lower cost than comparable North American programs. A stepping stone for future PhD or MD studies, the possible programs are as follows, all taught in English:

KI-DIS Fellowship for DIS alum

The third KI-DIS Fellowship application cycle opens later this month, and we strongly encourage advisors and faculty to share this with any previous DIS students looking to forward their academic and professional career in one of these nine fields.

DIS alum, Matt Stamets, a Carleton College graduate, was awarded the fellowship to pursue a master’s in Global Health at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm for 2021.

Matt studied at DIS Copenhagen during Fall 2019, and is pursuing his Master’s in Global Health Epidemiology this fall at Karolinska Institute (KI). He follows in the steps of his Biomedicine core course faculty member and Program Director for Science and & Health, Susana Dietrich, who is a KI alumna herself.

Matt is looking forward to assessing and iterating upon pandemic responses based on the biostatistics of herd immunity, epidemiology, and “how a society interacts with itself in terms of global health issues”. He cites COVID-19 as a major factor in him shifting from an undergraduate focus on chemistry and biochemistry, to a broader public health scope in his graduate studies.

Kristen Andersen, a graduate of Haverford College, the first recipient of the KI-DIS Fellowship, and a previous DIS Science & Health Program Assistant, completed her Master’s in Global Health this June, and is now in medical school at Trinity College in Dublin.

Reflecting upon her journey, she shares: “I have been so inspired by my time as a student in Denmark at DIS and in Sweden at KI. I am excited to study medicine and gather inspiration within a health system that is different from the one that I grew up in. I would love to one day take my experiences from Ireland and all over Europe back home to enact real change in the US system.”

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