DIS Participates in Diversity Abroad 2020 Conference

Several DIS staff and faculty attended the virtual conference in October, titled Amplifying Voices: Moving from Rhetoric to Systemic.

In response to intense global discourse around police brutality, white supremacy, and systemic racism, and in light of the pandemic, Diversity Abroad shifted their platform to a virtual medium and focused the conference content to address social injustice for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and how educators can move into action.

Diversity Abroad hosted presentations and dialogues meant to illuminate pressing issues and challenge educators to intentionally continue and bolster inclusive practices for students of color and other underrepresented groups. The conference highlighted the continued need for confronting biases to better understand and support students. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, author of Stamped from the Beginning and How to Be an Antiracist, was the plenary speaker for the session, “Being Antiracist in a Global Education Context.” A few examples of other conference topics included, “Spinning the Narrative: Empowering Black Women to Study Abroad,” “The Colonial Present: Cultural Imperialism in International Education,” and “Addressing Racism as a Global Phenomenon and Developing an Anti-Racist Orion.”

DIS Project Manager, Rikke Kolbech Gudiksen, served on the Diversity Abroad Conference Committee and was a presenter for the session “Championing Equity & Inclusion: Confronting our Fears about Engaging in Racial Equity Work.” Associate Director for Academics and Program Director for Architecture & Design, Henning Thomsen, was appointed as Chair of the Diversity Abroad Faculty Task Force that will develop resources and tools for faculty.

As mentioned in the DIS statement on “Actions for Justice” from June 2020, DIS will continue to commit, engage, and invest in the longstanding partnership with Diversity Abroad.

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