DIS Faculty Exhibits Research Installation as Part of CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival

DIS faculty member Angela Gigliotti’s DIS-supported research project titled, “The Architectural Productivity Triangle – An investigation to understand the origin of welfare architectural professionalism” was exhibited at the DIS Library in October 2020.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Two DIS alumni, Amy Suzuki, California State Polytechnic University, and Meghan Timmons, Wellesley College, were enrolled as Gigliotti’s Research Assistants in the spring 2020 semesters, helping with the project.

Gigliotti’s exhibit aims to show how U.S. and Swedish architectural production was transmitted to a Danish audience from the pages of a Danish architectural magazine Arkitekten, immediately before the advent of neoliberalism in Denmark. The overall research scope focused on the cross-influences between Denmark, Sweden, and the U.S., to frame modes of architectural production during the Cold War (1947-1991) as a way to understand the implications for welfare architectural professionalism.

Together, Gigliotti, Suzuki, and Timmons presented the research project as part of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, via Zoom earlier this fall. In addition to the specifics of the project, Suzuki and Timmons were asked by the discussant to reflect on what it meant to be involved with the study as DIS Research Assistants.

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