New Travel Guide Focuses on LGBTI+ Sites in Copenhagen

Anders Larsen, European Humanities faculty member, recently co-authored a guidebook of Copenhagen specifically written for an LGBTI+ audience.

Anders Larsen has co-authored the travel guide 111 Places In Copenhagen That You Shouldn’t Miss, which was released this past summer.

The guidebook is written to break from heteronormative trends in the travel sector and allow for queer Copenhageners to share their favorite places throughout the city, their stories, and the stories of previous generations. The book highlights the struggles for equality based on gender, sexuality, and ethnicity.

As Larsen says, “Written history tends to omit queer history and tone down the queerness of individuals who have shaped history. Your average Copenhagen guide book or tourist brochure is no exception. My book is an attempt to represent queer people on their own terms and give them the space in the history of the city that they deserve.“

Some featured locations are Centralhjørnet, one of the oldest gay bars in the world, the I Am Queen Mary statue, which commemorates Denmark’s impact on slave trade and colonial history in the Danish West Indies, Danner’s Shelter, which helps women and children who are exposed to domestic violence, and other lesser known sites throughout the city.

The book was released this past summer in anticipation of Copenhagen hosting the World Pride & Eurogames in 2021. World Pride 2021 will receive a portion of the profits for each book sold.

Read more about Larsen’s new book and purchase your own copy.

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