DIS Faculty Member Featured in Glamour Magazine

DIS Copenhagen Psychology Faculty Member, Debbie Quackenbush, was recently interviewed for Glamour Magazine’s Frequently Asked Questions in the piece, ‘Why is the Cats Trailer so Upsetting? An Investigation.’

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The movie Cats features live action humans with extremely detailed CGI cat features. After the release of the trailer for Cats, there was a huge backlash from social media and audiences around the world for the apparently disturbing remake of the musical.

In the interview for Glamour Magazine, Quackenbush discusses why audiences found the trailer to the recently released film so disturbing.

She touches on the ‘uncanny valley’ phenomenon, which occurs when a portrayal is so close to reality that it makes us uncomfortable. She also discusses animal CGI, specifically, and the effects that it may have on the viewer.

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