H. C. Ørsted Silver Medal Awarded to DIS Faculty Member, Thomas Bolander

The H. C. Ørsted Medal is a medal for outstanding writing of science for a popular audience over several years. This past September, it was awarded to DIS Copenhagen faculty member, Thomas Bolander.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Bolander teaches in the DIS Computer Science Program and was awarded the H. C. Ørsted Medal for his research on artificial intelligence. Bolander’s work focuses on the boundaries between logic, mathematics, and computer intelligence.

Bertel Haarder, once the Minister of Education as well as the longest serving Danish minister since 1901, presented the award to Bolander. In Haarder’s speech, he highlighted Bolander’s commitment to his research on artificial intelligence as well as his excellent communication skills.

Bolander went on to showcase his findings in a presentation titled, “Socially Intelligent Robots.” In his presentation, he discussed the challenges of socially intelligent robots, especially in comparison to human and artificial social intelligence, as well as his proposal for solutions.

Bolander asked the audience when they thought artificial intelligence would reach the same level as human intelligence. Their answer was 30 years. Interestingly enough, when people were asked the same question in the 1960s, their answer was exactly the same.

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