Executive Director, Malene Torp and Team Attended the 7th Annual Diversity Abroad Conference in Boston

Since 2006, DIS has attended the Diversity Abroad Conference to explore and promote diversity and inclusion at DIS.  


DIS has been a part of the Diversity Abroad Conference since its inception in 2006, and this summer DIS had the honor of welcoming CEO of Diversity Abroad, Andrew Gordon, to the International Educators Conference (IEC) at DIS.

The 7th annual Diversity Abroad Conference took place in Boston, Massachusetts. Participants from DIS included Executive Director, Malene Torp; Project Manager, Rikke Kolbech Gudiksen; Program Director & Associate Academic Director, Henning Martin-Thomsen; Director of North American Operations, Brad Stepan; Senior Outreach Coordinator, Steve Olson; and Director of Institutional Relations, Julie Scott.

Some critical moments from the conference include Kolbech Gudiksen’s presentation on ‘Translating your Identity – Diversity in Context’ on the facilitation of ‘brave spaces’ and how staff can hold fearless discussions on diversity.

Scott and Kolbech Gudiksen also met with a representative from Kahal – Your Jewish Home Abroad, a non-profit organization that helps students engage with the local Jewish community. Copenhagen is one of the top destinations for Jewish students that choose to study abroad?

Torp attended a panel with a DIS alum who struggles with severe anxiety, and who shared their experience of living abroad and the extraordinary support given by DIS.

The Global Student Leadership Award luncheon was a highlight of the conference – study abroad alum shared their stories and received both graduate and undergraduate awards.

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