DIS Stockholm faculty member Steve Turner

Fall Academic Seminar: “Barbarians at the Gate?”

DIS Stockholm faculty member Steve Turner spoke about the growing polarization and populism in Swedish politics.

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At a fall academic seminar, Turner shared the most current issues discussed during the recent Swedish election, meanwhile providing background on the political system. He explained the political spectrum in Sweden, listing what parties lie on the left, right, and in the center, and detailed each parties’ principles and goals.

One of the more surprising outcomes of the most recent election in Sweden was the rise of the Swedish Democrats – a conservative and right-wing populist party. Turner identified the reasons for their increased popularity, as well as the upswing of right-wing leaders and governments around the world. The presentation ended by looking at the future of Swedish politics and the complexities of immigration facing many European nations.

At DIS, we look forward to hosting academic seminars this spring semester, which will continue to focus on important current topics debated in Sweden and the world.


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