A still from Travels to the Dance Within (Dansen i os)

Faculty in the Field: Art & Visual Culture Faculty Helle Pagter Showcases Her New Documentary

DIS Faculty Helle Pagter screens her documentary, “Travels to the Dance Within (Dansen i os),” at Copenhagen’s Ballet Festival 2018.

Choreographer-turned filmmaker, and also DIS Art & Visual Culture Faculty, Helle Pagter screened her documentary Travels to the Dance Within (Dansen i os) at this year’s Ballet Festival in Copenhagen.

The film follows a group of teenagers from the Royal Danish Ballet School on their journey to the Beijing Dance Academy in China. While in Beijing, the Danish and Chinese dancers learn a piece inspired by the Danish choreographer August Bournonville (1805 –1879). In order to master the Bournonville-inspired piece, the dancers work together and use creative problem-solving skills. The screening was followed by a Q&A session with Ann Crosset, the choreographer mentoring the girls in the film.

Travels to the Dance Within (Dansen i os) premiered this spring at Le FIFA in Montreal, (Festival International du Film sur l’Art) a festival dedicated exclusively to the worldwide promotion and recognition of films on art and media arts.

At DIS, Helle Pagter co-leads the European Documentary Film course. Outside of DIS, Pagter teaches at The National Danish Film School.

For more information about Travels to the Dance Within (Dansen i os).

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Photo: A still from Travels To The Dance Within

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