A Special Tribute for this Year’s Homestay Host Anniversary Celebration

Every year, DIS Copenhagen holds an event for families who have opened their doors to our students for a minimum of five semesters.

Among this year’s guests of honor, we had the pleasure of thanking Marianne and Per, who have been wonderful Visiting Hosts for more than 50 students through the years!

Many of Marianne and Per’s previous students had submitted greetings, including Katie, who visited the family in the fall of 2016:

Per and Marianne were incredible visiting host parents. I think my favorite moment with Per was when he decided he wanted to play Wii bowling and that it was Denmark vs. USA. He was upset when USA won … Marianne taught me how to make my new favorite dish, caramelized potatoes. They were incredibly welcoming and even created a little booklet that detailed each of their students and gave one to each new student, adding them to the story.

 Katie, Transylvania University

We are so grateful for all hosts that have been a part of making our students’ study abroad experiences so wonderful!

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