Post-Graduate Internship Program

Internship Opportunities at DIS Copenhagen & Stockholm

Do you want to work in an international work environment where people are passionate about what they do?

DIS offers post-graduate internship opportunities across departments in Copenhagen and Stockholm. An internship at DIS is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience in the field of international education. You will work with colleagues who are excited to have you as a key member of the team.

The information below is applicable to all post-graduate internship positions, but note that each position is unique. Carefully read the following and each individual job description to understand which position would be most suitable for you. You do not necessarily need to have an academic background in the department in which you apply. No matter what department you are in, you will find opportunities to shape your team, learn new skills, and add value to the organization.

DIS Objectives

DIS is a leader in the study abroad field and offers more than 20 different academic programs and over 200 elective courses per semester. The three signature features of DIS are: (1) high academic quality, (2) course-integrated study tours, (3) immersion opportunities that allow students to integrate into Danish culture.

Post-Graduate Internship Objectives

  • Develop your organization, management, and administrative skills
  • Enhance critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Gain hands-on work experience in a dynamic international workplace

Working at DIS

The overall goal for DIS is to create an outstanding experience for every single DIS student. This requires dedication behind the scenes, an aptitude for teamwork, and a positive attitude. You must be prepared to work diligently to meet the high expectations of fellow DIS staff and students.

DIS is a fun, friendly, and collaborative work environment. With opportunities to participate in DIS clubs and events, there is never a dull moment working with us!

You are:

  • A DIS alumnus or alumna who has completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Interested in international education and cultural exchange
  • A self-starter that carries out your tasks with professionalism and commitment
  • Eager to learn and excited to grow personally and professionally
  • Comfortable juggling multiple tasks and meeting tight deadlines
  • A team player who is willing to go above and beyond to help your colleagues succeed

You will:

  • Assist DIS staff, students and faculty with daily operations and program development
  • Contribute to an active learning environment with curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Bring fresh ideas and energy to each task you undertake
  • Collaborate with colleagues who are committed to your development and well-being

What you get:

  • Freedom and responsibility – We give our interns a high level of responsibility, and you will take ownership over your own tasks
  • Network – Build your network early in your career, skills-share with other interns, and learn from experts in the fields you are interested in
  • Unparalleled learning experience – Learning takes place both on the job and through an Intern Development Program, with training workshops that help you build interdisciplinary skills and learn from colleagues across departments

Practical Information

Please read the FAQ as part of your preparation before applying for a position 

Internship positions last for either 13 or 15 months. See specific details on the individual job descriptions.

Application Process

DIS will only consider one application per person, so the applicant must decide on which one position to apply for. You apply through our online job portal (see links below). A complete application should include:

  • A cover letter of maximum 1 page, which should include answers to the following two questions and other relevant information:
    • Do you have any particular skills or prior experiences that you think will be relevant and useful for this position and to DIS?
    • What do you expect to learn and accomplish out of your year as a DIS intern in Copenhagen?
  • A resume
  • Recommendation letter(s) (optional), may be added to your application when submitting cover letter and resume. You can also log-in to your application and add recommendations later.  We do not accept any recommendations sent directly to DIS.

Vacant Positions

Available positions will be posted in the spring and fall of each year.

Hear from Previous Interns

What is it actually like to return to DIS and work in Scandinavia? Learn more from previous interns about why they applied for the post-graduate internship and what they learned from their experience.

Build on your experience as a student

“I initially chose to apply to the DIS internship because my time here as a student hugely impacted my view of what education should be. I knew I wanted to help create that same active learning experience for future students and learn more about the growing field of International Education.” – Carolyn

Add value to the organization

“We get to use our creativity in a unique way in the DIS internship. We help shape our departments and the internship itself. Our input is valued and implemented in a way one might not expect from such a large organization.” – Brandon

Hone your skills

“Professionally, I’ve developed a lot of cross-communication skills and an ability to see my own culture from a new lens, as well as helping other people understand an American perspective.” – Grayce

Kick-start your career

“DIS has opened my eyes to a different kind of workplace that I hadn’t personally experienced in the US. I have been lucky enough to work with a close-knit team that is invested in both my professional development and my personal wellbeing. My internship has allowed me to figure out what type of working environments that I thrive in and helped me envision what my future path will look like.” – Laila