Extending to Stay for Summer at DIS Copenhagen

Extending to Stay for Summer at DIS Copenhagen

If you are a spring semester student, why not stay for a summer session (or three) in Copenhagen to explore new courses as well as Copenhagen’s 18 hours of sunlight! DIS offers you a substantial discount for extending into the summer.

Visit the summer page in our Tuition & Fees Section for prices.

How to Apply to Extend for DIS Copenhagen Summer

As a current student at DIS, you can start the conversation to extend your stay by contacting the Office of Academic Support by email at acadsupp@dis.dk.

Note: You must be in good academic standing at DIS to extend.

What to Know About Academics for the Summer

During the summer at DIS Copenhagen, you can choose from three-, four-, or seven-week sessions, or combine sessions to stay six, seven, and up to 10 weeks. You can earn from 3 up to twelve credits over the summer. The summer calendar makes it easy to mix and match sessions and stay for just the amount of time that is right for you!

You enroll in one course during each of sessions 1, 2, and 3, or you can enroll in one of two different two-course packages during session 4. When applying to extend, you will discuss course availability with the Office of Academic Support. View all course options here.

Housing Options

During the summer, the Kollegium and Residential Community housing options are available. Find information about Housing during the summer here.

Note: DIS does not have housing available between the spring semester and beginning of Session 1.

Residence Permit

If you are accepted to study with DIS Copenhagen for both the spring and summer at the time of your initial application and registration, you will receive one residence permit for the entire length of your study.

If you are extending from the spring semester into the summer, your visa extension will depend on your citizenship and if you traveled or studied abroad before coming to DIS. Please discuss these specifics with DIS staff, who are available to provide guidance through the process.

Note: Visa extensions may require an extra cost.