DIS establishes James Larson Memorial Scholarship

The merit-based scholarship, funded by the late James “Jim” Larson, aims to support students in exploration of Scandinavian and European culture through hands-on experiences.

DIS has established the James Larson Memorial Scholarship, a $10,000 merit-based scholarship to be awarded to a student majoring in the humanities each semester.

James “Jim” Larson spent over five decades teaching at the University of California, Berkley, holding many titles including Professor Emeritus of the Department of Scandinavian Studies. His work was largely interdisciplinary, leveraging an understanding of the natural scientific world with the language and literature of early modern Northern Europe.

While on sabbatical in 1995, Jim spent a semester as Visiting Faculty at DIS Copenhagen, spending a significant amount embedding himself in the community and getting to know students and staff in the DIS Library. During this time and through these experiences, he grew an appreciation for the quality education students received from DIS while simultaneously being introduced to European history, politics, and culture.

This appreciation of DIS held steadfast throughout his life, and Larson was particularly excited about DIS Stockholm opening in 2016, having spent several years in Stockholm and Uppsala writing his dissertation, “Speculation and experience: an inquiry into systematic description in the work of Carl von Linné.”

Larson passed away in 2021, and his last will and testament included a generous donation to DIS.

Larson’s own background was in philosophy, history, and literature; he believed all students ought to have an understanding of European history and reading of the classical canon. The James Larson Memorial Scholarship will support future students in their exploration of the humanities – encouraging them to become well-rounded individuals equipped to understand their place in the 21st century.

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