DIS Faculty and Staff Collaborate for The Love of Learning

For six weeks this fall, more than 200 faculty and staff in Stockholm and Copenhagen participated in the biggest academic collaboration initiative in DIS history.

Over the course of six weeks, DIS used its own academic resources to challenge, experiment, reflect, inspire, and act with new shared pedagogical ideas.

This series, coined Love of Learning, centered around five themes:

  • A Call for Change: Interrogating systemic racism and social justice in the US and Scandinavia
  • Place-based & Experiential Learning: Reconceptualizing the city as classroom, jungle, lab…
  • Understanding Generation Z: Rethinking how we engage students today
  • DIS Pedagogy 2.0: Innovating our approach to student-centered learning
  • Learning Across Disciplines: Collaborating and knowledge sharing

Many workshops and field studies were offered that covered a variety of themes. Some examples include:

  • A Call for Change workshop, which discussed how social justice in the U.S. applies to DIS classrooms and curriculum and how to navigate biases as well as understand and respond to student expectations of inclusion and awareness of racism and inequality.
  • Self-guided field studies, some cross-locational, which included a Copenhagen harbor ring biking tour, a Sensing the City walking tour of Nørrebro, a Stockholm Smart City Technologies excursion, and interviews with Gen Z students.
  • DIStalks, which are 10 to 15-minute faculty-produced, condensed signature lectures on video.

The Love of Learning initiative has been an innovative way for DIS to engage in academic development and progress across departments and locations as the study abroad field continues to evolve at this time.


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