DIS Students Featured in Lund Municipality News Story

While visiting the southern Swedish town of Lund during Core Course Week, the DIS Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship students were featured in an article by the Lund Municipality titled, “What do American Students do in Lund?”

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The city of Lund highlighted each of the academic and cultural visits made by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course, showcasing the city’s wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities and resources.

Throughout their trip, the students met with various CEOs and start-up founders. They spoke with Christer Wallin, at the New Entrepreneurs Center. Wallin gave the students a tour of this unique resource offered to local and international entrepreneurs. They also met with Stefan Sandor, the CEO of Serstech, a chemical intelligence company.

The article published by Lund Municipality promotes the city’s commitment to innovation and recognizes the strong ties that are being developed between DIS and neighboring Scandinavian communities.

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