Faculty Member Anders Larsen aka Chantal al Arab’s Involvement in the Arts

DIS would like to recognize long-standing Faculty Member and academic consultant, Anders Larsen, who sometimes features in drag as Chantal al Arab, for his contributions to various artistic works across Scandinavia.

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Larsen has been a consultant for the Danish artists Kirsten Astrup and Maria Bodorf for both film and art installations. While working alongside Astrup and Bodorf, he has been involved in the production of several film cabarets titled, ‘Faithful and diligent/Quivery Heart’, currently on exhibit at the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art as well as Holstebro Museum and the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.

Larsen’s drag alter ego Chantal al Arab recently spoke at the Holstebro Art Museum about the performance of gender and national identity in connection with the showing of ‘Faithful and diligent/Quivery Heart’ as part of the exhibition series ‘Where We Stand’.

Chantal al Arab was also featured in a photograph as part of the 2019 World Press Photo exhibition at Politikens Hus in Copenhagen this fall.

Congratulations to Anders Larsen/Chantal al Arab for the impactful work.


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