Fall 2019 End of Semester Showcase

At the Fall 2019 End of Semester Showcase, students presented their final research projects, design exhibitions, computer game demonstrations, and more to Homestay families, classmates, and DIS staff and faculty.

Students from DIS Stockholm and Copenhagen had the opportunity to show off their hard work at the End of Semester Showcase as well as explore topics outside of their Core Courses and electives.

In Stockholm, students played board games crafted in the Affective Neuroscience Core Course, and played trivia games with Swedish Language and Culture Faculty Member, Djina Wilk.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, students in the Game Development: Programming & Practice Core Course debuted their newly created computer games while students in the Architecture & Design Program showed off their handmade Danish design chairs.

The night captured all the work DIS students put into their learning abroad this past fall and provided a space to share it with Homestay families, classmates, and DIS staff and faculty.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the fall 2019 students for all your unforgettable work!


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