30 Years Later, Two Alumni Return to Copenhagen

Charles Schuler and Kris Britt studied with DIS in 1989. This past September they returned to see how much has changed, and what has stayed the same.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Both Schuler and Britt studied with DIS for a full year; living in Copenhagen, going on Study Tour, and attending class on Vestergade – where DIS has sat since 1959.

“1989 was an amazing time of geo-political change. Being in East Berlin the day Erich Honecker was removed, going back and help tear down the Berlin Wall, and being part of the first and only free East German elections,” Schuler reflected on his time abroad.

This past September, Britt and Schuler returned to DIS. They toured the facilities that have morphed over the years but are in many ways still the same. They met with Executive Director, Malene Torp, and explored the streets of Copenhagen.

“On my return, the DIS programs had expanded. The student who showed us the DIS campus today had studied neuroscience at DIS. At one of the dorms a student had done a project setting up beehives – that blew us away,” Britt exclaimed.

This nostalgic visit coincided with the 60th anniversary of DIS, allowing Britt and Schuler to witness the developments over the past 30 years in Copenhagen during a time of reflection for the institution.

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