Integrating Worlds: Malene Torp and Partners Publish a Book!

DIS Executive Director, Malene Torp, alongside partners from Carleton College, launched their new book, Integrating Worlds: How Off-Campus Study Can Transform Undergraduate Education this spring.

“If we believe that international experience really does have great impact on our students’ ability to contribute cheerfully and productively in today’s complex globalized world, then we can no longer think about study abroad and domestic study away as a costly marginal frill for the privileged.”

Jane Edwards , Dean of International and Professional Experience, Yale University

This past April, Executive Director of DIS, Malene Torp, along with Professor of French Literature at Carleton College, Scott D. Carpenter, and Helena Kaufman, Director of Off-Campus Studies at Carleton College, published a book on the relationship between the on and off-campus study experience.

Over the years while writing their book, Torp, Carpenter, and Kaufman met around the world to brainstorm and write.

“It is a lot of work to write a book! But, it really helped to work as a team,” Torp said.

From Copenhagen to Paris to Minnesota, they found time wherever they were to sit down and work. With three unique perspectives on the study abroad industry, this book acts as a mechanism for conversation between the on-campus education experience and the study away experience.

“It was a truly collaborative project, which was a big part of why it was actually a lot of fun,” Torp shared. “I am proud that the three of us managed to capture our three different perspectives in the book; the perspective of a faculty member, a study abroad office, and a provider.”

The key concept of this book is ‘integration,’ the integration of the outside and the inside, of the classroom and the world. Study abroad should no longer simply be an addendum to college, but an indispensable experience that is truly in dialogue with an on-campus education.

“My hope is that this book will be read, not only by study abroad professionals, but also by campus leaders and faculty,” Torp said. “There is such learning potential in the ‘dis-location’ and the study away experience.”

Congratulations to Malene and her team for such an impressive accomplishment!

>> Both hardcover and paperback prints are available for purchase on Amazon.

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