DIS Faculty Awarded Grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation

Kristine Freude, faculty member at DIS, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, and Director of BrainStem – Center for Excellence in Neuroscience, receives grant for her project on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Kristine Freude has received a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for her project: “Investigation of Microglia in Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease as Proinflammatory Drivers in Patient Derived Cell Models (GliAD).” Her team is researching a hereditary form of dementia which affects the brain’s frontal lobes. People with this unique type of dementia start to see the effects of the disease in their 50s – much earlier than other forms of dementia. For the study, Freude is using DNA from a family in West Jutland who have this form of dementia. The long-term goal for the research project is to develop a cure or at least slow down the development of the dementia.

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