Recent Academic Seminar Asks: “Can we trust science?”

Dr. Anna Dreber Almenberg, a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, spoke at DIS Stockholm’s first Academic Seminar of the semester.

DIS DIS Stockholm Semester

The seminar centered on the following question: ‘How many scientific studies, often assumed to be part of a laboriously accumulated body of knowledge, do actually hold if we revisit them?’ Dr. Dreber Almenberg is a member of an international, cross-disciplinary group of researchers attempting to replicate previously published studies to assess what credence we should give to various scientific findings.

I don’t think the main explanation of false claims – and by that I mainly mean false positive claims – in scientific journals is bad people faking data. I think the main reason is basically the various ‘researcher degrees of freedom’ in the statistical analysis that lead good and serious researchers to believe they have found something when the probability of the result being a false positive in fact is very high.” – Dr. Anna Dreber Almenberg

Over 40 students and faculty attended the event, which consisted of a pizza dinner, lively presentation by Dr. Dreber Almenberg, and provocative discussion among attendees.

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