Fall 2018 International Educators Workshop

In October, DIS hosted the biannual International Educators Workshop (IEW) at DIS in both Copenhagen and Stockholm, welcoming a fantastic group of education abroad professionals and faculty from 19 partner institutions.

The participants experienced a mini-semester in a week. They attended classes and Field Studies, learned a bit of Danish and Swedish, participated in discussion sessions, visited DIS housing options, and met with faculty and current students. Nearly half of the participants lived with Homestays, and everyone enjoyed a Hygge Dinner in a Danish home.

Highlights during the Copenhagen part of the workshop included a range of exciting Field Studies. Examples include a meal and presentation by the renowned New Nordic chef Thorsten Schmidt at Restaurant Barr, a guided tour of the Danish Public Broadcasting Corporation with the Communication Practicum, a visit to Dansk Retursystem A/S (Denmark’s national recycling company), and a tour of the production center at the cidery Æblerov. Participants also had the opportunity to join sessions such as a Lego Serious Play workshop led by DIS faculty member and Faculty Development Manager Dorte Aggergaard and DIS Learning Technology Manager Esben Lydiksen.

In Stockholm, IEW participants went on faculty-led excursions to the Nordiska Museet (the Nordic Museum) to learn about the Sami, the indigenous people of Sweden, as well as a parental cooperative in Södermalm to learn about how universal provision of pre-school impacts Sweden’s culture and economy. Participants also attended classes, heard from a panel of DIS Stockholm students about their abroad experiences, and discussed undergraduate research opportunities abroad and at DIS.

DIS was fortunate to have IEW participant Jenny Sullivan, Director of Education Abroad and International Fellowships at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), serve as a co-leader for the discussion session “Diversity and Inclusive Learning Abroad.” Jenny discussed how RIT supports students with disabilities going abroad, especially students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The workshop ended with a dinner in the beautiful Kungliga Musikhögskolan building, where DIS shares facilities with Stockholm’s Royal College of Music.

Tack så mycket / Tusind Tak to all that attended!

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