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Summer Architecture and Design Final Showcase

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Last week, 153 students in this summer’s Session 4: Architecture & Design displayed their final projects at the annual Architecture and Design Final Showcase.

50 pieces of newly designed and built furniture, and close to 150 boards with projects from architecture, interior architecture, graphic design, and urban design, were shown:

The Summer Session 4 in Architecture and Design is a crazy one – in seven weeks, furniture students design and produce fully prototyped pieces of furniture and students in architecture, interior architecture, graphic design, and urban design produce projects ranging from a public library to new graphic design for Thorvaldsen’s Museum to renovation of a typical Copenhagen courtyard to make it more people friendly.”

–Henning Thomsen, Program Director for the Architecture & Design, Furniture Design, and Graphic Design Programs

The projects were a culmination of what the students learned from class discussions, professionals on Field Studies and Study Tours, and hands-on studio work. 21 faculty and workshop assistants guided the students through the summer.

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