Fall 2017 Students Honored with Academic Excellence Awards

DIS faculty members selected students who exemplify engaged learners to receive the Academic Excellence award for their program.

Last fall, award recipients were recognized for demonstrating motivation and intelligence in their courses, fostering collaborative learning environments, and bringing class discussions to high academic levels. Each faculty member praised the students for their professionalism inside and outside of the classroom, and passion for course topics.

DIS Stockholm Academic Excellence Award Recipients

Global Economics

Daria Soboleva, Case Western Reserve University

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Olivia Woodruff, Purchase College, SUNY

Medical Practice & Policy

Gabriella Francis Shpilsky, Bates College


Lauren Mann, Tulane University


Olivia Alma Ansley-Engel, Reed College


DIS Copenhagen Academic Excellence Award Recipients

Architecture & Design

Maya Nunes, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Raquel Ann Benedict, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Rachel Freehling, University of Rhode Island


Matthew Owen Gill, Santa Clara University

Child Development & Diversity

Alyssa Kelly, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


Kyra Goldstein, Brown University

Emma Catherine Galasso, American University

Olivia Marie Airhart, Loyola University Maryland

Jane Hamnett Ross, Villanova University

Computer Science

Isaac Martin Hasely, Carleton College

Jackson Ryan Irby, Georgetown University

Andrew Keith McArthur, Hamilton College

Zachary Noah Gonzalez, Swathmore College

Art & Visual Culture

Laura Snyder, American University

Anna Rose Steinberg, Brown University


Thomas Lemons, Muhlenberg College

Scarlett Neuberger, Vassar College


John R. Shanahan, Evergreen State College


Doğa Öner, Vassar College

Environmental Science of the Arctic

Sam Jaeger, University of Madison – Wisconsin

Global Economics

Ben Stanley, Williams College

International Business

David Lockwood, Babson College

Justice & Human Rights

Rachel E Recker, Fordham University

Medical Practice & Policy

Emma Rose Stewart, Carleton College

Julie Grace Bevilacqua, Georgetown University

Prostitution & the Sex Trade

Katherine Grace Mars, Elon University


Jennifer Finkelstein, Elon University


Emma Burnham, Colorado College


Clare Steinman, Brown University

Jay Miley, California Polytechnic State University

Urban Studies

Gretchen Peterson, Brown University

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