DIS Opens New Kollegium in Frederiksberg

After years of development and planning, DIS has opened Nimbus Kollegium, located in the heart of Frederiksberg.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

The Kollegium is home to 93 local students, 10 international students, and 135 DIS students. DIS is thrilled to give back to the local community and create a unique, international environment in Copenhagen.

A Focus on Cultural Exchange

This past fall, local and international students applied to live at Nimbus under a competitive process, where willingness to be an active and engaged part of the Kollegium was a large requirement. Selected students interviewed with the DIS Housing Team. (DIS students continue to apply to their housing on Student Registration as done previously.)

Before opening up the application process to the general public, DIS reached out to students who are a part of the DIS community, such as students of previous or current Homestay or Visiting hosts, and gave them an opportunity to apply beforehand. These 30 residents are key in laying the groundwork for an international and open environment.

Local resident, 23-year old Rasmus Bjørn-Rosager, whose parents are still active hosts and have had nine DIS students living with them through the years, looks forward to living with DIS students in the Kollegium:

“It will be exciting to live in an international environment where there are possibilities for such interesting conversations and where we will meet different perspectives on life, as well as build friendships and a network.”

The Inauguration of the Nimbus Kollegium

DIS held an inauguration of the new Nimbus Kollegium on January 5th, 2018, where a number of speakers articulated their enthusiasm for the project process as well as the future of the Kolllegium.

DIS Executive Director Malene Torp opened the event, handing the mic to Jørgen Glenthøj, Mayor of Frederiksberg. Glenthøj spoke about the “many cultures [that] will meet and networks [that] will develop.”

Leif Beck Fallesen, Chairman of the DIS Board of Directors, spoke about Nimbus Kollegium representing one of the core DIS values, of studying abroad to open minds to global issues and challenges. Additional speakers included Henrik Jensen, CEO, De Forenede Ejendomsselskaber, Jacob Hicks, Kollegium Community Facilitator, DIS, and Bente Münsberg, Resident, Nimbus Kollegium.

History of the Buildings

Designed by Henning Larsen Architects, the Kollegium is located between Finsensvej and Peter Bangs Vej. Previously, Fisker and Nielsen’s company headquarters produced the Nilfisk vacuum and Nimbus motorcycle on the same land. Representations of this history are seen on the walls and doors, with posters and engravings throughout the buildings.

DIS Students Arrived on January 13th, 2018

On Saturday, the first group of DIS students to ever live in Nimbus arrived and met the local students, who moved in one week prior. We look forward to hearing stories of the semester and how the community forms together.

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