DIS Navigate

DIS Navigate App

Join the virtual community for DIS students and residents!

DIS Navigate is an app designed specifically for students and residents. The app includes groups, resources, events, and announcement features that are useful for daily life in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

DIS Navigate provides an individually tailored user experience that only presents items relevant to each student and resident.

Find events and add them to your agenda. Access housing groups and essential resources quickly. Post discussions in your groups. The app connects many facets of the DIS experience in one easily accessible location.

Download DIS Navigate

App Store (Apple) Google Play (Android)

Possible Glitches

There might be some hiccups that you encounter along the way. Common issues that you should report include the following:

  • Not being a member of a housing group
  • Not seeing any resources linked under shortcuts, tools, and pages
  • Successful login, but your profile is not correct

Additionally, there may be occasional loading errors during the first download day due to volume. This is normal and should subside soon.

If you encounter any of the issues listed above, or prolonged loading errors, please submit a DIS Navigate support request through Fix It.