DIS News - Solidarity with Ukraine

DIS Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

DIS strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and we stand with the Ukrainian people.

As an educational organization based in Europe, we have a responsibility to be informed and engaged global citizens and speak out against injustices. We are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the Ukrainian people and DIS has started a fundraiser through Røde Kors (Red Cross) and donated 15,000 euros in support of Ukrainian refugees.

We call on the DIS community to support in the ways that they can through individual contributions, and/or other actions of solidarity. You can contribute to the DIS donation to the Red Cross here.

DIS offers support to our students, staff, and faculty affected by the crisis. We will provide forums for engagement within the DIS community. On March 9th, we will hold our first seminars in both Stockholm and Copenhagen, inviting DIS Faculty and external experts to lead discussions with our current students. We will continue to seek out further opportunities for DIS to support the Ukrainian people affected by the war and will continue to update the DIS community across our platforms.


Refer to the Health and Safety Notifications pages for the most recent updates for current students:

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