DIS Holds Organization-Wide Workshop on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Staff and faculty from all DIS offices participated in discussions and sessions focusing on diversity, inclusion, and equity at an organization-wide workshop.

To ensure solid structures and shared mindsets that support an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff alike, we continue the exploration of how diversity, equity, and inclusion issues play out in the U.S. and in Scandinavia. Most recently, everyone at DIS participated in an organization-wide workshop focused on different aspects of identities and inclusion.

Staff and faculty from DIS Stockholm, DIS Copenhagen, and the DIS North American office all engaged in discussions and participated in sessions facilitated by inspiring colleagues.

Four sessions were offered: ‘Welcoming Gender diversity Every Day’ with facilitator Iwo Nord, who teaches Transgender in Scandinavia and Gender Equality, & Sexuality in Scandinavia; ’In the Pursuit of Happiness: African Americans in Denmark’ with facilitator, Professor Ethelene Whitmire, chair of the Department of Afro American studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison and teacher of African American Expats in Denmark; ‘Diverse Identities’ with facilitator Nyamusi Nyambok M.A., Diverse Identities Group facilitator at DIS Stockholm; and ‘Tolerance Masquerading as Inclusion: Good Intentions and Self-Deception in Meeting the Other’ with facilitator Salman Ahmad, who teaches Identity Lab: Transforming Prejudice, Discrimination, and Conflict.

The organization-wide workshop was an excellent opportunity for all DIS staff and faculty to learn more, and to inform our continuous work toward further exploring and promoting diversity and inclusion at DIS.

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