Medical Simulation Labs Gets New State-Of-The-Art Equipment

The Medical Simulation Lab courses at DIS Stockholm and Copenhagen recently got brand new laparoscopy simulators so that students can gain hands-on surgical experience.

In the Copenhagen and Stockholm Medical Simulation Labs, students learn about surgical preparation and even have basic surgical training on certain procedures like an appendectomy (the removal of an appendix).

After the new equipment arrived to DIS Copenhagen, Biomedicine, Medical Practice & Policy, Neuroscience, and Public Health Program Director, Susana Dietrich and Program Coordinator, Philippa Yolanda Carey participated in a remote training session to try out the simulator for the first time.

Dietrich and Carey explored how the simulator can be applied to the course and went through a variety of activities offered by the equipment. Virtual training activities include using targets projected as well as live training involving the setting up of small targets directly under the laparoscopy ‘arms.’

“Students can experience the level of precision and gentleness needed during surgery to make incisions, remove growths, etc. One can use existing exercises or create new ones. The software allows instructors to really follow the individual student’s progress… The sky is the limit!” says Dietrich.


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