DIS Stockholm Holds First Academic Seminar: Iran-U.S. crisis 2020

Counter-terrorism expert and DIS Stockholm faculty member, Hans Brun discussed the situation in the Middle East at the first seminar of the semester.

DIS DIS Stockholm Semester

Given the current tensions in the Middle East, DIS Stockholm held a seminar with DIS faculty member, Hans Brun who specializes in terrorism and anti-terrorism.

Brun is a PhD student at the Department of War Studies at King’s College, London. He is currently finishing his thesis on the use of hard power policies in Northern Ireland in the late 20th century.

Brun spoke with students about the current U.S.-Iran tensions and prompted them to consider the historical antecedents of the animosity between the two countries. From various perspectives, Brun and the students engaged in discussions as to what has defined terrorism throughout several decades. Brun provided thought provoking questions as to the role of special forces in militaries throughout the world and left the students pondering the sobering future of warfare.


Photos courtesy of Student Photographer, Sarah

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