Carleton Students Have Arrived at DIS

Students from Carleton College participate in a specialized custom program in Copenhagen.

DIS DIS Copenhagen Semester

Shortly after celebrating the commencement of the new year, DIS welcomed yet another cohort from Carleton College to Copenhagen. Joining us for the custom program are 46 students, four of whom have continued from this fall’s Carleton College custom program.

Following the students’ arrival, they were tested at Copenhagen Airport for COVID-19, and then entered a 72-hour isolation to await test results. During this time, the students participated in a variety of virtual Arrival Workshop sessions to learn more about what to look forward to during their time abroad.

Over the course of their program at DIS, the students are taking one Core Course in conjunction with three electives. Outside of class, students have the unique and excellent opportunity to become a bit more familiar with local culture through their flatmates at DIS-owned Nimbus Kollegium or through their Homestays. With a number of the students having enthusiastically chosen bicycles as their transportation option, we trust they will all have a well-rounded and authentic experience in Copenhagen.

DIS is excited to get to know the students from Carleton even better, and to continue delivering an engaging and educational academic program this spring.

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