DIS Faculty Recent Exhibition Opening: Wearables

The DIS Meaning of Style faculty member, Jeppe Ugelvig, curated the recently opened fashion Exhibition ‘Wearables’ hosted by Etage Projects. The exhibition will be running until March 28.

Wearables displays fashion and lifestyle pieces by 23 international artists and collectives. The exhibition’s goal is to renew the historical category of ‘artistic dress’ by showcasing an array of wearable art.

The gallery opened during Copenhagen Fashion Week in January just a few blocks down the street from DIS. The exhibition challenges the fleeting trends of the fashion industry and instills a new clothing concept: the long-lived aesthetic commodity. How can a piece be practical, artistic, and fashionable?

Some pieces are familiar items with a twist, others more innovative. One piece features large screenshots of a Facebook newsfeed, one piece consists of bright white button-down shirts, ripped or splattered with dye. To create a shopping experience, the exhibition includes window displays, fitting rooms, and an accessory section.

Ugelvig captured the question of the fashion industry: What makes clothing fashion and fashion art?

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Photos by Robert Damisch.

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