DIS Faculty and Students Recognized for Research Developments

Highlights from recent research achievements at DIS Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Recently, DIS Stockholm and Copenhagen have seen many faculty-led and student-based success stories within research. DIS research faculty have co-published with their student Research Assistants, DIS-funded research projects have received additional external support from notable agencies, and DIS Research Assistants have embarked on research-related excursions across Europe.

We would like to recognize the following DIS research faculty and student Research Assistants for their recent work:

DIS Stockholm student Research Assistants Mallory Bell, Megan Edelstein, and Sadie Hurwitz recently published an article, co-authored with DIS faculty and research mentor Rachel Irwin, titled “Accessibility and availability of assisted reproductive technology for people living with HIV in Europe: a thematic literature review” in AIDS Care. The work is part of Rachel’s research DIS-supported project HIV & Reproductive Technology Access, which she is continuing in Copenhagen.

DIS Copenhagen student Research Assistants with the DIS-supported project Mammography Screening: Efficacy, Benefits, and Harms traveled to Oslo this past fall with DIS Copenhagen faculty and research mentor, My von Euler-Chelpin. They visited the Cancer Foundation Knowledge Center and spent a day at the Norwegian Cancer Registry learning about screening processes and data collection.

Angela Gigliotti, DIS Copenhagen faculty and research mentor, received external funding from Statens Kunstfond, or ‘The State Art Fund’, in Copenhagen. Statens Kunstfond will support a research visit to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in July 2020. This visit extends the DIS funded work of Gigliotti and her Research Assistants’ ongoing project: Modes of Architectural Production in the US, Denmark, and Sweden.

DIS Copenhagen faculty and research mentor Kristine Freude recently received funding from The Novo Nordisk Foundation within the Project Grants in Clinical and Translational Medicine 2019. The grant was given for the project, Personalized Treatment for Rare Epileptic Disorders (PREMED). Freude will be collaborating with Rikke Møller from the Epilepsy center in Dianalund as well as Zeynep Tuemer from Rigshospitalet, both in Denmark. Kristine works with DIS student Research Assistants in her lab, focused on neurodegenerative diseases.

DIS Copenhagen faculty and research mentor Anna Sircova was invited to China in October to give a talk about her current DIS-supported research project, Futurization of Thinking and Behavior. Anna also hosted the opening ceremony of the 2019 International Symposium on Time Perspective at Southwest University in Chongqing, China.

Congratulations to DIS faculty and students for their research success.


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