DIS Acquires New Kollegiums in Copenhagen

DIS has acquired two additional buildings in Copenhagen that will become Kollegiums for DIS and local students.

DIS currently owns and operates five Kollegiums: Langebro, Mønten, Stadsgraven, Nimbus, and Tåsinge. The new acquisitions of Stadsgraven and Mønten are part of the DIS initiative to cultivate intercultural exchange between DIS students and local students.

Stadsgraven Kollegium is currently being renovated and will be home to 150 students starting in the summer of 2020. Mønten Kollegium is located very close to Stadsgraven in Amager. DIS acquired Mønten on January 1 of this year. The Kollegium opened in mid-January and it houses 250 DIS and local students.

Director of Housing & Student Affairs, Anette Frederiksen, shared her thoughts on what the DIS Kollegiums mean for DIS, the students, and the local Copenhagen community:

We are actively engaged in creating intentional communities with DIS and local students. The recent openings of Mønten and Nimbus, as well as the new acquisition of Stadsgraven, are a part of this effort. Also, this initiative has provided an opportunity for DIS to offer affordable and attractive housing to local as well as international students.”

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