DIS Students Create AIAS Chapter in Copenhagen

DIS Students Create AIAS Chapter in Copenhagen

Even though you are flying across the world to study abroad in Scandinavia, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your extracurricular interests with you. Spring 2018 student Kate S. not only continued to explore her interest in architecture and design in her Architecture Design Studio Core Course. But, she also established an abroad chapter of AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) – an organization that she is involved with at University of Colorado Boulder – called AIAS Abroad:

“AIAS Abroad has been an amazing experience because it has allowed myself and students in the design community to have the opportunity to meet other students, and explore and engage with [Copenhagen] and Danish design. It is always very exciting and rewarding after an event, such as our firm tour with BIG, to see so many students inspired and excited about their future in design.”

–Kate, University of Colorado Boulder

Check out our interview with Kate to learn more about AIAS Abroad!


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