Scandinavia in the Middle Ages: From Viking Warriors to Christian KnightsSemester Course

DIS Stockholm, Elective Course, Scandinavia in the Middle Ages: From Viking Warriors to Christian Knights
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Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course focuses on the development of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as kingdoms in the Middle Ages, in terms of internal relations and contact, conflict, and exchanges with continental Europe and the wider world. We examine state building and law-making, Christianization and church organization, feuds, rebellions, and warfare, the Baltic crusades and forced conversion of pagans, literary and cultural developments, as well as migration and border-crossing. The aim of the course is to consider these phenomena in the intersection between cultural adaptation and domestic creativity; to what extent does Scandinavia adapt to wider European trends, and to what extent are they independently formed?

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Kim Bergqvist

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

PhD Candidate in History, Department of History/Centre for Medieval Studies, Stockholm University. Taught medieval history at Stockholm University (2012–16). MA in History, Stockholm University (2010). Visiting Scholar to Columbia University (2016), Cornell University (2014) and the University of Navarra, Spain (2012–13). ​Areas of specialization: medieval Scandinavia; medieval Iberia; comparative history; medieval literature; political culture; gender history; the history of emotions. With DIS since 2018.