Epidemiology: Swedish Case StudiesSemester Course

Major Discipline(s)
Pre-Medicine / Health Science, Public Health
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Epidemiology is a cornerstone of public health science. Through case studies, including the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the central concepts of epidemiology, epidemiological research, and reasoning come to life. You analyze and assess epidemiologic studies of the Swedish population and explore the value of the renowned Swedish population-based registers. Throughout the course, you also discuss how epidemiology contributes to the large body of public health research and informs decision making in the field.

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Global Health


Melody Almroth

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

Melody Almroth, Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Portland State University (2010), Master of Public Health from Umeå University (2014). 2015-present, doctoral student at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet with a research focus on academic expectations and adolescent mental health, dissertation defense scheduled for December 2019. With DIS since 2019.