Neuropsychology of Brain InjurySemester Course

Neuropsychology of Brain Injury, Elective Course at DIS Copenhagen
Major Discipline(s)
Neuroscience, Psychology
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Acquired brain injury (ABI) leads to significant changes in cognition, emotion, behavior, and experience of self. Disorders such as aphasia, amnesia, and unilateral neglect are explored as regards brain-behavior relationships. Research findings are used to further understand both ABI sequelae and self-constructs such as self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Case studies are used to highlight the complex and integrative aspects of neuroanatomy, functional brain networks, key characteristics of disorders, and impact on the brain-injured individual.

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Pre-Medicine / Health Science


Carla Caetano

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Senior Consultant in Research Development, Faculty, Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Department. Previously, Program Director of Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Department. Ph.D. (Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (Jan 2012- July, 2019). Post Doctorate (Adult Neuropsychology), UCLA/Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles CA. (2000-2002). Ph.D. (Psychology) Fuller Graduate School of Psychology Pasadena, CA. (1992) Licensed Psychologist (2002, California, USA), Specialist & Supervisor in Clinical Neuropsychology (2004, Denmark).  With DIS 1999-2000 and since 2003.