Furniture Design WorkshopSemester Course

In this course, you take a modern and practical approach to the prototyping of new chair designs. Utilizing pre-formed veneer shells, chair components, and standard chair bases, you focus on designing readily and realistically producible furniture. Form and design inspiration are crucial to developing a successful chair that is distinctive in an increasingly standardized industry.

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Interior Architecture, Studio Art


Peter Johansen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Peter Johansen graduated from The Danish Design School (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design), the line of Furniture and Spatial Design, in 2004. He has received several grants from the Danish Arts Foundation. Peter Johansen’s working process often involves modelling and experimenting in a scale of 1:1. He finds inspiration for his work in everyday life and materials and his immediate surroundings. In his own words, ’I guess I just have a habit of noticing my surroundings!’ He characterizes his own work as logical and as a flirt with banality. And as the son of a Norwegian father and a Swedish mother, Peter Johansen is a real mixture of a true Scandinavian. Scandinavian in his spirit, modern in his expression. With DIS since 2019.