Architecture & Design

In Scandinavia, the built environment is for people. Engage in explorations of Danish and Scandinavian design philosophies, combining strong traditions with the contemporary energy of the new wave or architects and designers.

Program Highlights

  • Field studies, office visits, and introductions by studio faculty to classic and contemporary precedents will serve as a fundamental basis for your own design development in studio
  • Challenging assignments addressing real sites and issues in and around Copenhagen will enhance your design skills and methods
  • Exploring and applying Danish and Scandinavian design philosophies and practices will expand your knowledge of design processes, affording you a competitive edge in a globalized world

Student Profile

The two tracks of each core course theme in this program ensure it is right for you if you are from a professional school of architecture or design, or if you come from a liberal arts background and seek to build your foundations in architecture and design. Be aware that you will need to fully engage in the studio discourse, prepare for individual desk critique, and to invest time outside of studio hours developing projects.

Studying architecture at DIS was a great opportunity to not only learn from practicing architects teaching the studio and journaling classes, but also from classmates from a variety backgrounds. Layering my faculty’s Danish perspectives on design that come from studying and working in the local surroundings, with my classmates diverse opinions from their own experiences all over the U.S. (and the world!) in architecture, graphic design, and even non-design majors, made for well-rounded feedback on projects and a unique type of growth as a designer.”

– Jamie Elderkin, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Core Courses