Engineering BiomaterialsSemester Course

Engineering Biomaterials Elective Course
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Biomedicine / Biotechnology, Engineering
New Course Note
This course starts in Fall 2021.
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Dissolvable wound dressings, replacement hips, contact lenses – biomaterials are substances suitable for interaction with biological systems, ultimately intended for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. What technologies are in development now? What biomaterials are poised to change our lives? Examine the design and characterization of biomaterials, emphasizing the interplay between material and human tissue. Focus areas include the principles and applications of biomaterials with specific physical, chemical, and mechanical properties which, for example, serve as substrates for tissue-engineered constructs, cell delivery systems, or coatings of implantable devices. The course includes lab visits in Stockholm and Uppsala, together with the development of a collaborative project.

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Chemistry / Biochemistry, Physics / Biophysics