Our History

Study Abroad Since 1959

DIS began in post-World War II Europe, when students and teachers at the University of Copenhagen formed a committee with the goal of creating opportunities for Danish students to connect across borders.

Years later, Whittier College contacted the University of Copenhagen in hopes of establishing a study abroad opportunity in English for their students, and the University turned to the Committee to build this relationship. In 1959, the Committee – which would later become DIS – accepted their first 20 students, beginning our history of over 55 years as a study abroad organization.

Throughout the decades, DIS has grown and adapted to provide for the study abroad needs of students attending universities in North America, wishing to study abroad for a semester or summer. Today, we are known for our model of hands-on learning opportunities, course-integrated Study Tours, faculty that teach what they do, and diverse engagement options that enable students to immerse in local communities.

Scandinavia as your home, Europe as your classroom

While DIS has hosted students at our Copenhagen location since 1959, in Fall 2016, we welcomed our first students to DIS Stockholm. DIS has a long-standing relationship with Stockholm as a host city for our various week-long Study Tours across Academic Programs, and with this knowledge of our Scandinavian neighbor, we engage students in a truly Swedish study abroad experience.

DIS Stockholm is located in the heart of Stockholm in a newly built building shared with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Our campus is adjacent to The Technical University (KTH).

What does DIS stand for?

Over the years, the DIS name has evolved. Most recently, we have been known as ‘DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad.’ Due to our new study abroad location in Scandinavia, we are now known simply as ‘DIS,’ with locations ‘DIS Copenhagen’ and ‘DIS Stockholm.’