Fall in Scandinavia is golden. Study abroad with DIS and experience the changing of the seasons, with beautiful and sunny days calling for outdoors adventures around the city, and the occasional wet and windy ones perfect for cozy indoors activities.

Pursue your academic and personal goals in Scandinavia and build your own semester to fit your needs. The DIS curriculum is broad, cutting edge, and enriched by experiential learning components, including faculty-led study tours in Europe.

What makes fall in Scandinavia so special?
For Stockholm and Copenhagen locals, fall is the time to reflect, recharge, and make time for the little things. As the seasons change and days get shorter, Danes like to create a warm ‘hygge’ atmosphere whereas Swedes gather with family and friends for cozy ‘fika’ moments – and you’re invited!
What’s the application process and deadline?
The application process depends on your university, and in some cases, the program and term to which you are applying. Once you submit your information, we will email you regarding how to proceed and help you with any questions along the way. It’s easy!

The deadline to apply for the fall 2022 semester is April 1, 2022.

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Are there scholarships available?
Yes! DIS offers need and merit-based awards and is committed to supporting students with limited financial resources, from diverse backgrounds, and/or underrepresented populations in study abroad. On average, over 50% of all students receive financial support from DIS.

The deadline to apply for scholarships for the fall 2023 semester is April 1, 2023.

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How do I build my semester with DIS?
DIS offers you freedom of choice when it comes to building your semester, allowing you to pursue your academic or personal goals in Stockholm or Copenhagen.

The first step in building your semester is to choose your Core Course. This is a signature of the DIS academic experience and includes two course-integrated Study Tours in Europe. Then, add 3-4 elective courses to complete your schedule! Once you have applied, you can choose between a variety of housing options.

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What if I have more questions?
We do all we can to make a semester abroad accessible for you, and are here to answer any questions you might have. Get in contact with us at any point in your decision-making process.

Call: 612-301-7200 | 800-247-3477

Email: DIS@DISabroad.org

Zoom: Schedule a 20-minute advising session with a DIS staff member through this link.

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