Spring Housing

Spring Housing, IEW at DIS

DIS will arrange your stay in a Homestay, or you are welcome to book your own accommodation. Homestays are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and you should expect a commute of 30-60 minutes.

Please register for housing no later than March 21, 2018.

Homestay with Local Hosts (DIS-arranged)

Fee: $400 per person (maximum two people per family)

The Homestay is the one of the most popular housing options at DIS, providing a great introduction to local culture. Most of our hosts, as in U.S. cities, live in the suburbs and not in the city centre, so you will travel daily on Stockholm’s public transit system up to 60 minutes each way using a transportation pass provided to you by DIS.

The Homestay option is limited to an arrival date of Sunday, April 22 and a departure date of Saturday, April 28. If you arrive prior to or depart after these dates, please arrange accommodations for those additional nights. For suggestions of where to stay, please see self-arranged housing information below. Please note the Homestay registration deadline is March 21, 2018.

Read more about DIS Homestays on our student page

Breakfasts and some dinners are included. Please list any allergies (e.g. food, pets, etc.) in your workshop registration so we may accommodate your needs.

Participants selecting the Homestay often ask what to bring from the U.S. for their host. A small gift is a nice gesture, but by no means obligatory. Some suggestions include a token from your state (e.g. food, chocolates, book, college hat or t-shirt, bottle of liquor or wine from your home region). It is also a good idea to show some photographs of your family – your host will be curious!

Self-Arranged Housing

DIS is located in the Östermalm neighborhood of Stockholm, only a two-minute walk from the 1912 Olympic Stadium.  The main building at DIS Stockholm was completed in 2016 and is shared with the Royal College of Music Stockholm. The building is located at the t-bana stop ‘Stadion’, just a five-minute ride from the central railway station ‘T-Centralen’.

It is recommended to use Hotels.com or similar websites to book accommodations, which are often cheaper and more convenient (e.g. English language, USD amounts) than booking directly with a hotel. If a hotel is not available or cannot be found on hotels.com or a similar website, please check the hotel website directly to book a room.

Recommendations for hotels:

If you would rather stay in alternative accommodation other than a hotel, Stockholm has a lot to offer with regard to rented rooms and week-long apartment rentals through Airbnb.